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Salon Tamka
Salon Hoża
Salon plac Dąbrowskiego
Salon Tamka
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Salon Hoża
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Salon Plac Dąbrowskiego
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Milek Design was founded by married couple Kasia Poniatowska-Miłek and Darek Miłek over 10 years ago.
Today Milek Design is recognized as one of Warsaw top hair cut and hair stylist salons.

Milek Design salons are created with love for those who like beautiful, sublime and unusual interiors, where you can find peace and break away from everyday matters. We offer wide a range of hair & beauty services, provide the highest quality cosmetics with strong emphasis on organic and natural products.  The Hair stylists constantly improve their workshop experience to make you feel fully satisfied with the final result.  Our hair styling is thought out and designed to be both elegant and practical so you could always find something for yourself. It is Milek Design’s priority to make sure that you feel comfortable in your new haircut.



women cutting

men cutting

golden colouring

natural colouring



sombre hair

ombre hair


classical manicure

hybrid manicure

japanese manicure

classical pedicure

hybrid pedicure

japanese pedicure


  Senior stylist  Stylist  Owners 
Hair lengthShortMediumLongShortMediumLongShortMediumLong
Wash&Blow dry951001059095100130135140
Women cut+treatment+blow dry1251301359095100175180185
Ombre/sombre/highlights + color/toning+cut+treatment+blow dry365 - 415380 - 445410 - 520345 - 385360 - 415390 - 480405 - 445420 - 435450 - 510
Golden color/Basic color+ cut+treatment+blow dry295 - 310310 - 340340 - 440275 - 290290 - 320320 - 420335 - 350350 - 380380 - 480
Waves150-160145-155190 - 200
Keratin treatment560 - 910
Bleaching170 - 450
Men cut+blow dry10585150
Manicure vinylux85
Manicure hybrid105
Pedicure vinylux135
Pedicure hybrid145 - 170

Hair Salons

All of our salons are in the Warsaw city center.

See which one is near you:

Hoża 40

Hair Salons Milek Design Hoza

Milek Design
Hoza 40 Street
00-516 Warsaw
22 299 84 42
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 9:00 – 21:00
Saturday 9:00 – 17:00

Dąbrowskiego 7

Hair Salons Milek Design Pl Dabrowskiego

Milek Design
Dabrowskiego 7 Square
00-057 Warsaw
22 299 84 41
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 9:00 – 21:00
Saturday 9:00 – 17:00

Tamka 29

Hair Salons Milek Design Tamka

Milek Design
Tamka 29 Street
00-349 Warsaw
22 299 84 43
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 9:00 – 21:00
Saturday 9:00 – 17:00

Hair Stylists

Our hair stylists are fully passionate about creating the most beautiful haircut and to make you feel fully satisfied
They  continuously  improve their workshop, to stay as top professionals in the hair cut industry

darek dąbrowskiego


olga dąbrowskiego


michał dąbrowskiego


Monika Stylista flaga ang




I enjoyed already several hairdresser at Milek
And they are all very professional and nice.
The online booking tool works fine and makes it very easy to find a spot even on busy days.
You always feel welcome, gets a hot or cold beverage, and the employees take time for you even if you come 20 minutes late, sorry again for that 😉 !!!


It’s a cool Place and in my opinion one of the best hairdresser in Warsaw, with a good value for money ratio.
The prices are quite moderate, compared to high quality hairdresser abroad but also compared to top hairdresser in Warsaw.
So if you need a new look or just a good haircut. Milek is the place to be.


Our hairdressers are fully prepared to provide wide range of professional haircut and stylization